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Welcome to Origins & Destinations

As proud partners with the LivingNotes Travel Network our team is well-positioned to offer your agency or property a bespoke level of service. Whether you are looking to drive attention and awareness to your property or create a multi-media marketing campaign production, we can deliver all you need.

Who We Are

Origins & Destinations is a multi-faceted team made up of some of the top professionals in the travel space along with top-tier photographers and social media personalities. On the main social channel @LivingNotes there are insights into the daily life of the team, and the many destinations and experiences that are shared throughout the year. Within the ISSUU network and The LivingNotes Travel Network our content reaches millions of readers with targeted interests in Travel as well as several other industry verticals. However, where the team excels is in the visual creation and interpretation of each client they work with. We invite you to book your consultation and see how your team can benefit from the teams vision and expertise.

Olya Hill

Olya brings her passion & professional background in production into all she does, both creatively and professionally. She brings years of research into the psychology of customer behavior and is widely known for her work as the Creative Director for LivingNotes®. Her work in photography has been sought after by many global brands. She maintains a leading edge on creating visual presentations that have wowed readers and clients alike. Olya is a well-respected and sought-after thought leader and innovator in the fields of advertising and human psychology.

She has developed unique methods of using color undertones and hues to shape viewers’ emotional responses. While undetectable, these methods have been proven effective to promote specific reactions from readers when viewing images and videos. Her work has been featured in various digital and print publications such as Goop, Parents, Pregnancy and Newborn, Real Simple, and Thrive Global to name a few. Her unique creative advertising ideas have been placed on the Times Square Billboards.

Bobby Amirebrahimi

Bobby is a Los Angeles based photographer, who grew up among his dad’s rolls of film and camera lenses with many hours spent at shoots and in the darkroom having endless conversations on techniques, composition, and what it takes to create compelling images.Bobby’s singular perspective, creativity, and storytelling abilities combined with his technical perfection are apparent in every single one of his shots. He mainly draws inspiration from nature and people as he gravitates to create real, meaningful memories of moments when light, shadows, emotions, and imagination come together in perfect harmony.

His experience, expertise, and ability to create are extremely diverse. Bobby is able to create imagery that one would expect to be found in National Geographic just as easily as capturing street style in a film-like manner. He is also fully accomplished in producing commercial imagery for clients. His unique take on seemingly ordinary objects and the ability to combine that with clients’ vision is one of Bobby’s biggest strengths.


Social Media Promotion & Creative Services

700k Combined
13 Million + Readers
Digital Photo & Video Content Creation
Custom Offerings 
For O & D Travel




Social Media Awareness

One of the first reasons our clients have requested to work with us over the years has been to tap into the combined audience reach of over 700k. Our audiences love to engage with our travel and property content in order to learn more and see which places our team has personally visited and verified the true user experience.

Your team can choose from Instagram carousel posts, reels, stories, or any type of combo package as part of our social media tier of services.

As low as $4,000


Travel Editorial Features

LivingNotes has a well-established reach within the ISSUU partner network with its monthly readers. In the travel space these features reach as high as 13 million readers. This unique service gives clients an ability to add editorial content, promote custom offers and drive traffic and encourage bookings.

Clients can customize targeted audiences for their featured article to meet their desired marketing objectives. Video and Photo content are available to include in these digital features.

Upgrade from $1,500


Bespoke Photography & 
Video Creation

The LivingNotes Production capabilities have been well-received from brands of all verticals. No two projects are alike, and we customize each project to fit the needs of the client. Whether you are looking to add some digital content to use for web and social, or looking to have a full-scale production shoot, our team has the

experience, and skill to meet your needs. Previous clients include Taasa Lodge, Naia Resort and Spa, Vila Amalia, Disney, Google, All Yoga, Body Armor, Levis, BMW, and many more.

Packages from $4,500 or add as an upgrade


Custom tour & vacation packages

For travel partners that exceed all expectations and our team feels it is a fit for our personal travel network, we will work with your team to create custom VIP packages to offer for sale within the O & D Travel family.

Customers will get to experience the bespoke level of service they have come to expect when booking with O & D Travel.


We Love Our Travel Partners


What's Next?

We can’t wait to speak with your team to discuss your project and promotional goals. Each project quote will include the following:

1. AirFare for the team: varies based on scope of the project. Most projects require 2 travelers, but some larger production projects may require more.

2. Total Deliverables: we will structure a combination package to give your team the most value for the project to meet all your goals.

3. Room & Board: must be provided, or in some cases a per diem budget for accommodation and food will be added if we are doing a more general promotion of the area, not just one property.

4. Enjoy! We can’t wait to work with your team to bring credibility, awareness and stunning visual content for your project.



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