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Africa changed us. That's what it does: it changes you. It's impossible to go there and come back being the same. You become a different person. You see things in a new way. You feel more. You understand deeper. You care. Care so much! About everything, with the world, nature and people prevailing over all. When we embarked on our journey to Africa for the first time, Tanzania was to be our first experience.

Over the years we had seen photos, videos, and heard stories about it, but nothing could have truly prepared us for the experience that we had. In the process we learned a lot of new things.

We made new life-long friends. Fell in love with many different cultures. Got to be a part of some amazing charitable causes, and started some of our own. A portion of all proceeds from your booking go to a Lion Foundation we started in 2020 in an effort to preserve ecosystem balance between nature and the Massai of Tanzania.

As you look through our packages and experiences, choose the one that will live in your heart forever. The wonder and beauty of nature, and its balance with everything in this place is something that you will never forget. Tanzania will become your second home. Just as it became ours.

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